Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Secretary is Freakin - 2

Beth paused for an exceptionally long time.  I wondered if she was about run out of the office again.  Beth's jaw was clenched tight and her eyes were tearing up.  She looked straight at me, then dropped her gaze to the floor and quietly said, "Steve wants me to show myself."

I wasn't sure I heard Beth correctly, "What?  Show yourself? Show yourself what?"

Beth was a little agitated that I didn't get her drift.  "Show myself to men.", she said tensely.

This conversation was surreal.  I couldn't believe I was having it with anyone, yet alone Beth.  "Which men?", I asked.


"Does he have any men, in particular, that he wants you to show yourself to?", I asked.

"He wants me show myself to....I can't say.", Beth said as her face turned a little red.

"OK...When Steve says 'show yourself', what does he mean?"

Beth turned a little more red and looked at the floor again, "He wants me to take my top off and display my breasts for men."

"OK...", I was stunned.  I asked again, "What men are you supposed to show your breasts too?"

"You!", Beth snapped.  "Steve wants me to display my breasts to you, my boss.  He says it would be a big turn-on for him to know that I strip for my boss."

"How do you feel about that?"

Beth was at the edge of her coping skills, "What are you a psychiatrist?!  I feel embarrassed, but I promised Steve I would let him push me farther out of my comfort zone.  I need to do it."

I honestly didn't think Beth would go through with stripping, so I decided to push her a bit.  "OK, then you need to ask me.", I said firmly.

"Ask you what?", Beth looked confused.

I leaned over my desk and looked straight into Beth's blue eyes, "You need to ask me for permission to display your breasts to me."

Beth stood up and said, "Mr. Caligula, may I please display my breasts to you?"

I leaned back in my chair, "Very well then, Beth.  Come around the desk, stand directly in front of me, and display your breasts."

Beth took a digital camera out her purse came around the desk and stood just beyond my knees.  She handed the camera to me.  Beth looked straight ahead and slowly took off her dark blue suit jacket.  She placed the jacket on my desk.  I noticed Beth's fingers hands shaking as she undid the buttons on her white, silk blouse.  She still wouldn't look at me.  When the blouse was unbuttoned, she slid it off her shoulders and laid it on my desk over her suit jacket.  Beth stood there for a moment, as if at attention.  She had on a white lacy bra with a front clasp.  At this point, I was pretty sure she wouldn't go any further. I thought it might be fun to push Beth a bit.

I took an authoritative tone with Beth, "Well? Are you just going to stand there?"

"Please give me a moment - not sure I can do it.", Beth said.

"You mean you wasted my time?", I said, acting annoyed.

"Fine!", Beth yelled as she unclasped her bra.

Beth slid her bra off and laid it over her other clothes on my desk.  She stood at attention right in front of me, looking straight ahead at the wall.  I had never really noticed what beautiful, full, pendulous chernobyls she had.  As each moment of silence passed, Beth's nipples grew stiffer.  She was standing there, in front of her boss, topless.  I think Beth was in overload.

Beth quietly made a request, "Will you please take a picture of me, so that Steve knows I really did this?"

I replied, "OK, but you need to strike a better pose.  Take the back of your hands and push in at the sides of your breasts, so that you are really displaying them for me."

Beth took a deep breath of restraint and pushed in on her breasts.  I took pictures of Beth from every angle, playing like I was some sort of professional photographer.

After about twenty pictures, I said, " dance around like an idiot."

"What?!!", Beth yelled.

"Can keep your hands up by your big, full tit-ties and do a River Dance kind of thing.", I said.

"That's enough, I'm getting dressed.", Beth said sternly.

"O...K", I said, knowing that Beth had had enough.

Beth quickly got dressed, grabbed her camera, and put it in her purse.  As she was leaving, she said, "Thank you for doing this."  Then, Beth ran out of my office and the building.

more later.....

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